PhD Projects

This table lists PhD projects in Scottish Literature completed at our member institutions since 2010. For more information about individual projects, search the author or title in the British Library’s online directory of doctoral theses. In most cases full-text access is both swift and free of charge. To add items to the list, please do contact us.

Sally Newsome Seductive and Monstrous Fictions: Discourses of the Orient in Walter Scott’s Waverley novels University of Aberdeen 2010
Christy Danelle Di Frances Robert Louis Stevenson and the Elements of Adventure University of Aberdeen 2011
Anna Fancett The Exploration of Familial Myths and Motifs in Selected Novels by Jane Austen and Walter Scott University of Aberdeen 2014
Shane Strachan Orra though it be: A northeast short story collection with exegesis University of Aberdeen 2014
Vivienne Dunstan Reading Habits in Scotland circa 1750-1820 University of Dundee 2010
Keir Elder James Barke, Cinema and Scottish Urban Modernity University of Dundee 2012
Linda Tym Forms of Memory in Late Twentieth- and Twenty-first-century Scottish Fiction University of Edinburgh 2011
Corey Gibson Endless Flyting: The Formulation of Hamish Henderson’s Cultural Politics University of Edinburgh 2012
Sarah Ames Kinship in the work of Robert Louis Stevenson University of Edinburgh 2012
Lila Matsumoto Poetic Experiments and Trans-national Exchange: the Little Magazines Migrant (1959-1960) and Poor.Old.Tired.Horse. (1962-1967) University of Edinburgh 2013
Gregory Thomas Concrete Poetry in England and Scotland 1962-75: Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan, Dom Sylvester Houédard and Bob Cobbing University of Edinburgh 2013
Nathalie Ingrassia Norman MacCaig and the Fascination of Existence University of Edinburgh 2014
Brian Wall Inheritance and Insanity: Transatlantic Depictions of Property and Criminal Law in Nineteenth Century Scottish and American Fiction University of Edinburgh 2015
Natsuda Satayaban The Gendering of Aesthetics and Politics in Contemporary Scottish Fiction University of Edinburgh 2016
Sarah Sharp Digging up the Kirkyard: Death, Readership and Nation in the Writings of the Blackwood’s Group 1817-1839 University of Edinburgh 2016
Megan Joann Coyer  The Ettrick Shepherd and the Modern Pythagorean: Science and Imagination in Romantic Scotland University of Glasgow 2010
Theo van Heijnsbergen Studies in the Contextualisation of Mid-Sixteenth-Century Scottish Verse University of Glasgow 2010
Pauline Anne Mackay Bawdry and the body in the work of Robert Burns : The Poet’s Unofficial Self University of Glasgow 2010
Jennifer Orr Fostering an Irish Writers’ Circle : A Revisionist Reading of the Life and Works of Samuel Thomson, an Ulster poet (1766-1816) University of Glasgow 2010
Jim Ferguson A Weaver in Wartime : A Biographical Study and the Letters of Paisley Weaver-Poet Robert Tannahill (1774-1810) University of Glasgow 2011
Allan Young McDougall The Journalism of Neil Munro: Fiction, Criticism and Cultural Comment University of Glasgow 2011
Alastair Braidwood Iain Banks, James Kelman and the Art of Engagement: An Application of Jean Paul Sartre’s Theories of Literature and Existentialism to Two Modern Scottish Novelists University of Glasgow 2011
Juliet Linden Bickett A ‘God-ordained Web of Creation’: The Faithful Fictions of George Mackay Brown University of Glasgow 2011
Kang-yen Chiu Hospitality, Nation and Empire in Walter Scott’s Waverley Novels University of Glasgow 2012
Alexander John Cuthbert Eternity’s Unhidden Shore: Time in the Writings of Edwin Muir (1887-1959) University of Glasgow 2012
Julian Russell Peter Good The Human Presence in Robert Henryson’s Fables and William Caxton’s The History of Reynard the Fox University of Glasgow 2012
Michael Morris Atlantic Archipelagos: A Cultural History of Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic World, c.1740-1833 University of Glasgow 2012
Mark Ryan Smith The Literature of Shetland University of Glasgow 2012
Iain Macdonald The Life and Work of Fionn Mac Colla: Determining a Gaelic Experience University of Glasgow 2012
David Parrish Jacobitism in the North American Colonies University of Glasgow 2013
Vivien Williams The Cultural History of the Bagpipe in Britain, 1680-1840 University of Glasgow 2013
Victoria Woolner The Influence of Scottish Romanticism on Canadian Literary Identity University of Glasgow 2013
Gillian Sargent Happy are they that read and understand’: Reading for Moral and Spiritual Acuity in a Selection of Writings by King James VI and I University of Glasgow 2013
Clark McGinn Every honour except canonisation’: The Global Development of the Burns Supper, 1801 to 2009 University of Glasgow 2013
Louise Hutcheson Rhetorics of Martial Virtue: Mapping Scottish Heroic Literature c.1600-1660 University of Glasgow 2014
Duane E. Clark A Pious and Sensible Politeness: Forgotten Contributions of George Jardine and Sir William Hamilton to 19th-century American Intellectual Development University of Glasgow 2014
Gerard Lee McKeever Enlightened Fictions and the Romantic Nation: Aesthetics of Improvement in Long-Eighteenth-Century Scottish Writing University of Glasgow 2014
Alexander Eden Atkinson Deans Labouring Bodies, Feeling Minds : Intellectual Improvement and Scottish Writing, 1759-1828 University of Glasgow 2014
Lindsay Levy A Life in Books: Walter Scott’s Library at Abbotsford University of Glasgow 2014
Richard McCaffery Poets as Legislators: Self, Nation and Possibility in World War Two Scottish Poetry University of Glasgow 2014
Craig Lamont Georgian Glasgow: The city remembered through literature, objects, and cultural memory theory University of Glasgow 2015
Michael Shaw The Fin-de-Siècle Scots Renascence: The Roles of Decadence in the Development of Scottish Cultural Nationalism, c.1880–1914 University of Glasgow 2015
David George Higgins Robert Louis Stevenson within Imperial Precincts: A Study of Literary Boundaries and Marginalised Voices University of Glasgow 2015
Calum Rodger From Stonypath to Little Sparta: Navigating the Work of Ian Hamilton Finlay University of Glasgow 2015
Theresa Muñoz Alienation in the Work of Tom Leonard University of Glasgow 2015
Jonathan Henderson  The Historical Thesaurus and the Sentimental Language of Robert Burns University of Glasgow 2015
Arun Sood Eighty Years ‘Owre the Sea’: Robert Burns and the Early United States of America, c.1786-1866 University of Glasgow 2015
Christopher McMillan The Scots in Ireland: Culture, Colonialism and Memory, 1315-1826 University of Glasgow 2015
Colin McIlroy Muriel Spark and the Romantic Ideal University of Glasgow 2015
Melanie Clare Buntin The Mutual Gaze: The Location(s) of Allan Ramsay and James Thomson within an Emerging Eighteenth-Century British Literature University of Glasgow 2015
Garry Ross MacKenzie Landscapes in Modern Poetry: Gardens, Forests, Rivers, Islands University of St Andrews 2014
Elizabeth Hanna Arthur and the Scots: Narratives, Nations, and Sovereignty in the Later Middle Ages University of St Andrews 2016
Thomas Christie Notional Identities: Ideology, Genre and National Identity in Popular Scottish Fiction, 1975-2006 University of Stirling 2012
Barbara Leonardi An Exploration of Gender Stereotypes in the Work of James Hogg University of Stirling 2013
Stuart O’Donnell The Author and the Shepherd: The Paratextual Self-Representations of James Hogg, 1807-1835 University of Stirling 2013
Neil Syme Uncanny Modalities in Post-1970s Scottish Fiction: Realism, Disruption, Tradition University of Stirling 2015
Meghan McAvoy Critical Nationalism: Scottish Literary Culture Since 1989 University of Stirling 2016
Patrick Hart Leaves which whisper’d what they could not say’: Petrarch reading early modern English and Scottish Petrarchism, c.1530-1630 University of Strathclyde 2011
Gillian Tasker ‘Cosmonaut of Inner Space’: An Existential Enquiry into the Writing of Alexander Trocchi University of Strathclyde 2015
Stewart Smith ‘Beauty Tradition Experiment’: Scotland, the avant-garde, and landscape in the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Alec Finlay University of Strathclyde 2015